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 Tara Karchgani

"I Love Alborz Farsi School!"

"My name is Tara Karchgani and I am very pleased to be a student of Alborz Farsi School. These are the reasons I am very pleased to be a student of Alborz: the teachers are really friendly. The books have great stories in them, and all the students are extremely friendly."

-Tara Karchgani

 Zeynab Sajjadi

Why do I go to Farsi Class…..

I go to Farsi class every Friday afternoon to earn how to read and write Farsi.  I also go because I enjoy being around other Persians.  It helps me speak more fluently.  I always look forward to going to class on Fridays and meet new students.  A lot of kids are not able to speak a second language.  I enjoy attending Alborz Academy very much.

- Zeynab Sajjadi

 Elmira Karimi

Why I want to come to Farsi School:

I come to Farsi school not only to learn to read and write in Farsi, but also to become more familiar with the culture that I am so proud to be a part of.  Although it gets difficult at times, it is such a fulfilling feeling to know that I have learned so much and have come so far.  It is great to be around such an awesome group of kids and truly dedicated group of teachers.  I can’t wait to go to Iran and impress family and friends with my new found reading and writing skills. I am really happy with all that I have learned at Alborz Academy and would recommend it to all Persians of any age.

- Elmira Karimi

 Venus Kalami

I go to my Farsi class every week because I enjoy getting better at reading and writing Farsi.  I also enjoy being able to fluently speak Farsi.  Coming to this class helps me a lot.  I also enjoy the Persian atmosphere.  It helps me to get in touch with my culture and to learn more about my past.  I also get to make friends that are my age and are also Persian.  I enjoy coming to Farsi class and look forward to it every Friday.

- Venus Kalami

"I like Alborz because..."

1. You learn how to read and write in farsi
2. They have nice teachers
3. I meet new friends
4. I learn more about Iran's culture
5. The managers and teachers care for us

- Ava Ghorbani


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